During our event Lëtz Go Equal in Digital, Himadri Pathak, founder of Checkmath, gave an inspiring speech, in which she shared her view and advice about entrepreneurship with us. Do you want to know more about her? Discover her exclusive interview below! Enjoy the read!

How did you get the idea for CheckMath?

I owe this idea to my brother, actually. He was struggling with math at the time and existing solutions were not helping him so I took it upon myself to create an app for math to help him out and that made me realize the apps potential. 

Why do you think new technologies/digitalization are particularly useful in solving the issue or problem you identified?

The situation of the current times serves as a cautionary tale: without digital solutions for everyday tasks, the society will stop functioning. 

Did you study STEM? If yes, why did you make this choice?

Yes, my formal studies are in Computer Science. I chose this career because of the endless possibilities of software and games that I could make. It was really intimidating, but after making a couple of silly games, I started to love programming.

How did it help you develop your startup project?

Apart from setting up and developing the business side of things, I also worked on the development of the mobile application. 

Do you think digitalization can positively impact gender equality or on the contrary, it will bring risks?

Technology does not discriminate and now that most of the world’s collective knowledge can be accessed by anyone, digitalization will play a huge role in closing the gender equality gap.

What would be your advice to young people who would like to use technology to change the world?

Rise up and take the risk, because at this age, you really have nothing to lose. It will all be worth it – the lessons you will learn and the people you will meet – all alongside making the world a better place. Super worth it and 100% recommend! 

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