Are you interested in studying ICT in Luxembourg, but don’t know where? Then read this article! It will provide you with the best lycées and universities where you can study ICT. Do not hesitate to visit their websites, they will provide you with more information!



> Régime professionnel (DAP) – formation de l’informaticien qualifié

> Régime de la formation de technicien – DT Technicien en informatique

> Régime technique – Section informatique

> Régime classiqueSection I, informatique et communication

> (New) DT Smart Technologies


> BTS Informatique

Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Game Art and Game Design…

Bachelors at the University of Luxembourg

Bachelor in Computer Science (BICS) and Bachelor in Applied information Technology (BINFO)

Masters and of Ph.D. in Research Institute

(University, SnT, LIST …), often in partnerships with the industry.